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Service Dogs 

Nancy is available to help you train your service dog and tune up your working service dog.

Please note this is a VERY difficult task to undertake. Training your own service dog is much more complex and involved than most people realize.

Starting off with the right candidate is key.  Nancy can help you find a dog. This can take quite a while.

If you come to us with a dog you already own and want to task train, we can help you, but Public Access dogs are very difficult to obtain and train.

There are no guarantees, and even in the top organization, 50 percent of the dogs wash out.

Nancy currently works with Balance dogs, PTSD dogs, Home helper dogs, Autism Assist dog for children and adults , and  Hearing Assist dogs. 

The odds are against you, and we recommend you contact a Service Dog Organization.  The 2 year wait is worth it. 

Canine Companions for Independence has free dogs.

NEADS in Mass, and A.C.T.S. in NH,are all good places to start your search. 

We in no way will help anyone fake a Service dog for the purpose of housing , shopping, or travel.


Please note, we also offer  Therapy dog classes. Service dogs help one person, Therapy dogs help many.  

Pricing varies on how much training you and your dog require.  We have learned through experience that partnering with us , is the best plan.  Short, or longer board and train programs in addition to group classes, private sessions, and field trips have the greatest chance of success. 

Please contact us for more information.

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