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-    Cape

5 sessions- outdoors $140.

Sunday July 12th 930am 

Falmouth at Poetic Gold

This class is 6 sessions  and 180.  You can pay below on any 180 button.

Saturday July 11th 240

Foundation skills

 Learn  attention, sit, down, come, leave it, target, stay, while problem solving and preventing future issues. ***** please use any Buy Now button for 140 to pay for manners class. We will contact after payment***


AKC Canine Good Citizen

Offered in Cape. Next session TBA

Work on the the 3 Ds

Distance, Duration, and Distractions.

AKC CGC test included on last class. 

This is a great first step to Therapy Dog Testing. 


Closer Encounters 


    6 sessions, Poetic Gold Farm in Falmouth

Monday July 6th  @ 930


This class is geared to teams who love to keep learning and want to increase their dog focus.

This class varies each week. we will learn pattern and focus games, sharpen foundation skills, get some trick titles, work the three  D's ---- Distance, Duration and Distraction, and have fun!


Buy Now 

Closer Encounters, or any Poetic Gold Class for 180.

 Classes at Poetic Gold Farm, Falmouth

NEW! AgiliTricks (tm)

Coming back in Sept. 


Braveheart -

for shy and fearful dogs

Due to Covid-19, we are not offering this class at this time.




Control Unleashed-Reform School

6 sessions 180. starting 


July 11th @ 1:30



Learn foundation skills of agility combined with foundation trick behaviors. 


Teaching tricks to our dogs and our clients dogs is our favorite!

Learn the basics of shaping, luring, capturing, looping  and molding. These concepts will apply to all avenues of dog training and dog sports. 

Tricks teach dogs how to learn


AKC Trick Title testing will take place through out. the 6 weeks. Come have fun with your dog!   Learn all sorts of cool behaviors using fun, positive methods.   Take your training up a few notches, and entertain and impress your friends and family .

Using positive methods, we will help your dog learn the world is a lot less scary.

We will adress, stranger danger, noises, novel things, husbandry and handling, and how to use platforms for confidence building.

In Control Unleashed class we use Leslie McDevitt's  CU Program, combined with  foundation skills like loose leash walking, sit, stay, come and target to help your dog focus on you.  We add  increasing levels of distractions, to include other dogs, people, strange sounds, and novel items. We will help you teach your dog that these "triggers" are nothing to be concerned about , and that checking in with you is the best way of dealing with potential stressors.  We utilize various props to help your dog learn how to become calmer, and  you will learn how  to teach your dog to relax.  All classes are tailored to match individual skill levels, with safety being of the utmost importance.   Class is taught on leash. 

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