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Meet the trainer:

Nancy Freedman-Smith CDBC, CBATI

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC)

Certified Behavior and Training Instructor (BAT)

Certified Fear Free

Portland Maine


Nancy Freedman-Smith , is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). and a Certified  Behavior Instructor (BAT) for dogs with reactivity fear and aggression .  She has been  living in the Portland area of Maine since 2001.  Nancy began her work with animals at age 15 as a riding instructor.  Most of her early years were spent at the barn and at horse shows.  Then as a student at the University of Massachusetts, she went on to major in Animal Science and Equine Studies.  While at college, she competed on the Event and Dressage team and taught horseback riding for the college, as well as privately. 

In 1993, after the birth of the first of three children, Nancy made the switch to dog training.  In 1996 she joined the team of Animal Behavior and Training Associates and worked at a "Major Chain Store" in several locations in Greater Boston.  It did not take long before word spread and Nancy had the highest volume of training classes in the Northeast, with the 5th highest volume of clients in over 300 of the chain stores in the country.  When she lived in Boston, Nancy did not advertise.  Yet she had a thriving business, due to satisfied customers and Vet referrals.

She was always drawn to the difficult and green horses, and the same holds true for dogs.  Her last two dogs, Charlee and Beck , were both rescue  diamonds in the rough.   Charlee and Beck taught Nancy many lessons, and it was because of them them that she learned all she could to help dogs and their families with reactivity, fear, and aggression.


 Nancy's first dog as an adult, Dina, followed her home from work one day, Dina took Nancy down the path to professional training, pet therapy and stupid pet tricks.

The summer of 2006, Finney, a Smooth Collie pup joined the pack as a demo dog and resident "Neutral dog". Finney has a very sweet and even temperament coupled with excellent dog skills.  It was Finn's job to help to calm the aggressive and reactive dogs while Nancy taught  their humans new training and management techniques.  At nearly 13 years old, Finney is retired, but is loving cyber consults and all the cookies they bring. 

With her hands-on parenting experience, Nancy is uniquely qualified to assist families in training and child-proofing their dogs.  She encourages children to be part of the dog's life and daily care and has a special interest in training the whole family to train the dog.  Children are welcome in class, as long as people and dogs remain safe.  Upon request, private sessions can be uniquely tailored to incorporate your children. 

Nancy is a pet writer on the topic of dog behavior, and has written for Petcha (Now, Maine Today, Casco Bay Weekly,  Maine Moms, A Dog's Life, The Whole Dog Journal, and The Portland Press Herald. 

July 2016, We are thrilled to share that Nancy has joined the staff of Veterinary and Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth as resident trainer and Behavior Consultant. 

December 2017 we welcomed puppy Perry into our home.  Perry was relinquished to Nancy for aggression. His first family had been told to euthanize him!

Perry is the smartest dog we know and at 9 months earened his advance Trick title, and Novice Rally title the day he turned 11 months. He competes and has titled in Freestyle and will continue in Freestyle, Rally Free and Frisbee this summer. 

Nancy is a life long learner,  and she enjoys learning all that animals have to teach her. 

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