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Brag of the YEAR!

Yesterday I recieved the following message, and it made me tear up.

I just LOVE hearing about my client's successes.

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all you did for Ripple. You gave me the confidence to trust him and you didn't treat him as if he were a pariah. He's done great since we've been back in agilty. We just left my agilty clubs Christmas party, he was happy, friendly, greeted people appropriately, sat for treats and asked to be petted. I can't say enough good things about the tools you gave us to help him and your classes. Thank you again Nancy!"

Ripple is the Brag of the YEAR, becasue his reactivity and aggression got him banned from competing in agility . His human Diane, had him from a pup, had purchased him from a good herding breeder, and she gave him a great start. Ripple was to be her next agility dog. He was very intense as a youngster. He came from an intense working line.

I met him at nearly 3. After the ban, Diane worked with Breanna Noris for 6 months and made great progress. For the next 6 months, she drove over and hour and a half each way to several of my Monday morning classes at Poetic Gold Farm.

From the first time I set eyes on him, Ripple reminded me of my difficult dog, Beck. The difference is, Ripple came from a good breeder and had a good start. In my mind, he was Beck, but with the genetics and proper nuturing to get him past this. Some dogs, like Beck, could only ever get so far and needed a life time of management. In Ripples case, in my heart, I felt that unlike Beck, he could be all he could be with the right guidance.

We went slow, and Ripple learned to trust me and the training space. Classes got more fun. He passed his CGC. He was reinstatred, and he went on to successfully compete. in agility! The photos are from a trial in October, where he did amazing! Reading that he aced his holdiay party was icing on my cake.

I am so proud of them!!!

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