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Help Keep Dogs Off the Naughty Dog Bite List This Holiday Season

It is getting to my least favorite time of the year for my job.

I have been sitting here remembering all the urgent phone calls I have received over the years during the holiday season. In the last 15 years, I have received well over 50 dog bites to a child calls between Thanksgiving and New Year. In that time I I have received at least 20 dog fight calls, and one that resulted in a dead dog while the familiy with sitting down to dinner on Christmas Eve. Listen up. You can help. Doesn't matter if it is your house, your dogs or your kids. If you see stress in the dog - speak up. If you see dogs who need supervision and are not being supervised - speak up. If you see kids who need guidance-guide them. Have a plan for your own dogs to be safe. If they cannot be removed from the family at times, find a trusted person or people to monitor the dog. Stay alert. Be proactive. This is a naughty list that you for sure do not want to be on.

Beautiful Gigi is not on the naughty list. She is on the adorable list.

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