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Happy 1 Year Dogaversary to Perry

A year ago, Perry joined our family. He was relinquished me by a family that I met with one time. He was a 3 1/2 month old pup, and he had significant issues for one so young. His vet wanted to put him to sleep and warned the family that he would bite someone by the time he was one years old.

I repeat, his vet wanted to put him to kill him, and offered to do it right then and there at a puppy well visit. Perry growled at him because he was afraid , and the vet took that opportunity to alpha roll him. That means he was pinned to the table on his back. Perry panicked, and screamed , peed and nearly passed out. This is not any way to treat or train any dog or puppy and alpha rolls have been debunked as a way to train a dog. Alpha Rolls are based on flawed science that has to do with wolves. Dogs who are alpha rolled by humans think either that they are being killed or that the human is crazy. It is not a way make you the top dog.

Please never alpha roll a dog.

Perry's issues magnified after his horrific experience at the vet ,and he became difficult to handle.

Perry's biggest crime was being a smart, sensitive working dog in a pet home. The family was not on board with the vet rolling their pup, but it happened fast and by the time they realized what was happening, it was over and the damage was done. I am in no way shaming his family. They went to a good puppy class and sought help. They also made a good choice in relinquishing him to someone who could help him. It was not an easy choice for them.

Please, do not judge them.

So many people make the mistake of keeping a puppy or dog that is not a good fit for their family and lifestyle.

When you commit to a dog, you commit to giving that dog a good life. Sometimes the good life is in someone else's home. I rehomed a dog when was in my late 20s. I could in no way meet that dog's needs at that time in my life, and his forever did...and then some. Rollo lived the good life with a huge fenced yard with squirrels to chase, and was not cut out for life in Boston with me and new baby.

Perry is my dog. He made it clear that he was mine from pretty early on, even though we kept him to be my daughter's dog. Dogs pick their people sometimes. It happens. Perry was a difficult pup and it took all I ever learned to help him and turn him around. At 9 months, he earned novice, intermediate and advanced AKC Trick Titles, and at 11 months AKC Rally Novce. Our next goals are Rally Free and Freestyle. He could finish his Rally titles, but I am not sure yet if we will pursue that. He would love agility, but my screaming knees say no.

This is on smart dog, athletic dog, I can tell you that.

I look forward to our journey.

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